Spare Parts

Spare Parts

For a systematic work organisation ALP has developed professional equipment and machinery that grant an increase of the productivity.

Carpet for work table - 4000 x 1200 mm

Brush for manual glue spreader

Brush for manual pneumatic spreader

Gun with joint for Pneumatic Glue Spreader

Flexible hose with joint for Pneumatic Glue Spreader

Blade for cutter art. 703/C (pack of 10 pcs)

Blade for cutter for ALPinox panel

Blade for cutter art. 702/A-B-C and 703/A-B (pack of 5 pcs)

Blade for Circular Cutter (pack of 2 pcs)

Blade for Circular Saw - Site Use (art. 654)

Blade for Circular Saw - Ductshop Use (art. 655)

Milling Cutter - Cone/Cylinder (art. 653)

Milling Cutter - Cylinder DN 8mm (art. 653)

Milling Cutter - Cone (art. 653)

Blades for stainless steel cut - set of n. 3 pcs (art. 653)

Dust collection bag for Filter unit

Pneumatic gun - long length 2 m

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