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Ductus only uses trained fabricators to ensure the system is constructed
correctly ensuring efficiency and longevity of installations

About Ductus

Ductus understands that our clients are busy. We also understand the fear of the unknown. This is why Ductus has carefully selected all its partners from the supply chain right through to the specific consultant. Ductus has a strong history behind it. All Ductus delivery partners have decades of experience in duct-work delivery; and ALP invented the idea!

The origins of light-weight ducts can trace its beginnings with ALP Italy. This vast experience is obvious when you see our innovative range of products.

The Ductus motto – “ The Evolution of Air” – is more than just what we say, we breath it because we believe that this is exactly what we are doing. Ducting has been a long-forgotten structure that has remained virtually the same for centuries. It is time we found a better way of moving the vital air we breathe within our buildings.

Using innovative Patented technology, Ductus are able to offer a full array of air movement solutions, ensuing that the system looks great but also performs above the current pre-hostric systems currently in use. Lower Energy consumption, lower air leakage, better thermal performance, lighter, safer, and advanced the Ductus -ALP system covers all your requirements. including an active anti-microbial fully accredited system.

At the helm is our Ductus GM; an individual with over 2 decades exposure into the construction markets across the globe. This kind of exposure has assisted Ductus in separating the facts from the fiction. ALP has had 40 years experience and have implemented light weight duct solutions in over 17,000 projects across the world.

In an Australian first, Ductus employed a ISO certified duct-fabricator to train all its delivery partners through Australia and NZ. Ductus only uses trained fabricators to ensure our systems are constructed correctly bringing unprecedented levels of efficiency and longevity to the installations.

To find out more about our solutions please contact one of our approved fabricators, or to enquire about becoming a fabricator please contact Ductus.

Ductus is Australia’s leading supplier of high-end air conditioning ducting supplies, ventilation and duct system products. We bring innovative products that meet the required strict building standards to the medical, industrial and commercial industries.

Director Jim Malek has been in the industry for over 15 years and brings with him a vast knowledge of the light-weight duct technology (LWDT) from both abroad and local market experience.

It is important to recognise that not all boards are manufactured the same nor are they designed to perform the same purpose. The Board takes a fundamental role and is critical component of the duct system, therefore it is essential that the integrity and composition of the board is tested thoroughly ensuring it can sustain its primary function structure over time.

Unfortunately, Australia has yet to identify these requirements and this is why we look to standards written internationally such as the Ventilation Standards within Europe. This provides a clearer understanding of the provisions and testing necessary for the safe and successful implementation of such LWD systems.

Ventilation Ducting has largely remained unchanged for many decades within the air conditioning and ducting supply market. Presently, as with many other industries, there is a need to address efficiency and power consumption within the ducting sector.

Improvements in testing, analysis and technology will lead to future improvements of the quality of air and quality of ventilation too.

ALP, an Italian company and the ‘father’ of LWDT has been providing advanced LWD systems for more than 30 years and continues to develop their range of products using the most advanced technology available.

With 17,000+ projects under their belt and unparalleled technological advancements, the Ductus-Alp collaboration aims to provide a full duct system unlike any other company in the world.

By providing clean air through our patented technologies, we are able to remove harmful air-borne pathogens from sensitive environments. At Ductus, we supply many innovative solutions – such as the light-weight ALP Round product (a world first) – that are suitable for both industrial and commercial environments.

This technology is an alternative to traditional sheet-metal ducting that is more cost effective to implement and manage and also delivers higher efficiencies.

About Us
About Us
About Us

Jim Malek

With over 20 years of international experience in the Middle East and the Australasian markets, Jim has a unique perspective of the various environmental conditions and requirements of the construction sector with a particular focus on insulating properties. This intimate understanding of insulation and its workings has enabled Jim to become a recognised figure in the global insulation market. Jim has been invited to numerous insulation conferences to discuss insulation requirements and has been a guest speaker at the Kuwait Insulation conference in 2012 – 2013.

In 2015, Jim launched the Australian Ducting Solutions Co. with a focus on changing the way insulation and duct is used in today’s era.

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