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ALP has set another quality standard for Pre-Insulated Ductwork

ALPACTIVE Ductwork’s compliance with VDI 6022 – “Hygiene Requirements for Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems”

First in the industry, once again, ALP has set another quality standard: the VDI hygienic certification for the Pre-Insulated Ductwork.  This is the first real certification that confirms the suitability of a ductwork to maintain the hygiene requirements according to one of the most severe international standards ever: the German VDI 6022.  

Furthermore, this certification achieved by ALP represents an absolute innovation in the field of pre-insulated ductwork because this is the first certification made on a “finished pre-insulated ductwork”, and not on a “sandwich panel”.  This means that from now on, Consultants and Designers will have finally the possibility to specify in their projects the use of a “certified ductwork”, and not just mentioning the characteristics of the panel of which the duct is made.   An important and valuable indication to protect the professionals and the investors.  This Hygiene Certification comes in addition to the standard “10-year Warranty” that ALP, the only pre-insulated ducting system manufacturer in the world, releases on its ALPACTIVE “ANTIMICROBIAL” ductwork.

This is an exciting new certification which backs up the quality of the ALP pre-insulated lightweight rigid duct solution; combine this with the Ductus fabricators there is no other product that can come close.

About VDI 6022 

The VDI 6022 – 06/2014 standard refers to:

Ventilation and Indoor-Air Quality – Hygiene requirements for ventilation and air-conditioning systems and units – Requirements for underground components (VDI Ventilation Code of Practice)

This standard describes how hygiene can be ensured in HVAC systems.   It defines hygiene related constructional, technical and organisational requirements for ventilation- and air-conditioning systems, by mentioning concrete total numbers of hygienic parameters which must be fulfilled.

The VDI 6022 is a German standard specifically drafted for Healthcare projects, but it is considered a good guideline for Food and Pharmaceutical Industries projects.

Being a valuable “hygiene standard” the VDI 6022 has been taken as a base by other international organisations and institutions in drafting their own “hygienic” standards.