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Ductus Introduces ISO Fabrication Accreditation into Australia

Ductus, a company committed to bringing the best of air movement products to Australia has teamed up with ALP, a global innovative leader of light weight duct systems.

ALP, an Italian based company and the forefather of Pre-Insulated Duct technology, introduced the concept to the world over 40 years ago. ALPs’ technological advancements are unmatched in innovation, quality and ducting systems all of which are now available within Australia.

With quality in mind, in an Australian first, Ductus together with ALP have accomplished a long-needed development by ISO accrediting its fabricating partners Australia wide. The ISO 9001:2008 Standard – Certified for Pre-Insulated Duct Fabricators, is now available in Australia. Pre-Insulated duct is a well-accepted concept throughout the globe with many benefits to the developer, occupant and the environment. Poor fabrication and the lack of experienced duct fabricators has left the pre-insulated duct concept stagnate within Australia.

“We want to regain the confidence of engineers in Australia by producing duct of the highest standards and quality, ensuring that from the builder to the installer to the occupier that the duct supplied will not only meet their requirements but surpass them, in both delivery and longevity” says Ductus Managing Director, Jim Malek.

Ductus and ALP enlisted an ISO certified instructor from Europe to train and certify its fabricators in the art of pre-insulated duct fabrication; ensuring that the stringent standards of the ALPsystem™ comply in both the Australian duct standards of AS4254.1 and with ALPs outlined fabrication requirements according to EN13403 standards of pre-insulated duct systems.

“Quality Air Equipment have been manufacturing and supplying quality air conditioning components to the Australian and Global markets for almost two decades. When we were introduced to ALP products, we were impressed with the quality and the product range available to fulfil the  equirements for a full duct system. ALP’s complete package meets all the harsh requirements of the Australian environment and along with the substantial amount of testing and the thousands of jobs globally, we are sure we have the right partners.

– Paul Podetti, Sales director at QAE”

The ISO 9001:2008 Standard – Certified for Pre-Insulated Duct Fabricators, has just completed its first course in Australia and awarded its 8 strategically placed fabricators around the country, a diploma of pre-insulated duct fabrication.

“This is an Australian first. It ensures that regardless of which state the ALPsystem is manufactured in, it will be manufactured to a set standard that has been approved by ISO 9001:2008 and will comply with the requirements of the manufacturer ensuring a sound complete system,” says Malek.

With its low profile and high thermal ability, its light weight nature and its ability to be used in high pressure situations with low leakage results, ALP makes it an easy choice for specifiers.

ALP has a range of innovative duct products to suit almost every application, including a fully certified outdoor product without any additional wrappings; its patented medical grade active Zoolite™ technology internal facing for eliminating 99.96% of microbes ideal for OT’s, clean rooms and high traffic areas; a treated pure aluminium facing that can withstand harsh chemicals, ideal for swimming pool applications, while being up to 85% lighter than traditional systems.

The overall installation of the ALPsystem reduces the cost of the entire building when done correctly. Not only does it lessen the weight of the roof structure, it increases the footprint and reduces installation costs. There are many more applications and advantages that make this the system of choice.

Ductus has a list of ISO accredited fabricators that can be found on its web site.