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Ductus – Quickly expanding in Australia

Ductus as a company is only coming onto 12 months however this has not prevented the quick growth for distribution of the lightweight pre-insulated duct that Ductus offer.  Supplying an “Evolution of Air” that creates a comfortable and healthy environment for people has been a breath of fresh air for many organisations waiting for this evolution to be readily available in Australian and New Zealand.

Using only trained fabricators ensures the system is fabricated correctly allowing efficiency and longevity of installations.  The director (Jim Malek) of Ductus has had over 15 years of experience across the world working with ducting products and believes that the ALP products Ductus supply are the world’s leading solutions for pre-insulated duct due to being lightweight and rigid which allows for quicker and safer installs, whilst ALP have had 40 years’ experience and have implemented the solutions in over 17 000 projects across the globe.

The ALP system is an avant-garde system on all fronts: its performance makes it the ideal choice to solve both designing and installation problems. The lightweight rigid duct works particularly well in areas of high seismic activity due to the light weight characteristic options and less reliance on infrastructure to hold it in place.

New Zealand has enforced tight regulations and commitments in ensuring people’s safety, these regulations are outlined in the NZ building codes. Seismic requirements in both New Zealand and Australia are becoming increasingly popular in the construction sector (see full article).

ALPactive Antimicrobial system has been used extensively throughout the world in health care and research facilities where healthy air is mandatory.  The structure and aluminium finish of the panel make the ductwork inert, therefore able to prevent the microbial proliferation on its surface. ALPactive Antimicrobial is the only technology in the world able to kill over 600 families of microorganisms.

Ductus is committed to making an impact on the industry by ensuring organisations have access to the highest quality product for the needs of the building.  This commitment will no doubt mean that Ductus will continue to grow at a rapid rate as engineers and architects demand the use of the ALP lightweight, rigid duct.