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Leading by Innovation

Ductus presents the first Round LWD system in the world!

ALP the forefather of Light Weight Duct (LWD) Technology, has paved the way once again . . . In a first of its kind, Ductus along with ALP introduces the new patented Round LWD system to Australasia.

ALPsystem™ or its traditional “square” light weight duct product with all its benefits and capabilities has now been adopted in a new aesthetically pleasing design of round products. ALP round SYSTEM™ has all its cousins’ square benefits and more, including:

• Up to 85% lighter than Traditional Insulated Spiral Duct

• Up to 60% quicker to install

with its patented slip joint system

• Withstanding up to 3500pa

• Complying with the AS4254.2

• Rated at 1.5% air leakage

Mr. Librizzi, Managing Director of ALP says, “It has been an exciting journey to develop this ground-breaking technology. We had to start from a concept and develop everything from the machinery, testing and the complete system accessories. We needed to provide the industry with a turnkey product. A true pre-insulated round duct has never been done before!

We are excited to be launching this product into Australia with our partners Ductus!”

Trading off the back of 30 years of industry experience   in the contracting sphere with Gaff Air, Rodger Gaff has teamed up with his son to develop one of the most sophisticated LWD manufacturing plants in the country.

“Using the leading ALP LWDS, Kool Duct Solutions has been setting benchmarks in the industry by collaborating on the seismic certification in conjunction with Gripple Systems, to develop a fabrication standard for the specific requirements of the Australian HVAC industry.

Kool Duct Solutions works with contractors in the engineering process ensuring that workflow and finished systems are in line with the characteristics of this great LWD and energy saving solution, as presented by ALP requirements,” says Rodger.

For more information about the technology and resources, please do not hesitate to contact one of our many distributors of Ductus/ALPs representative in Australia/New Zealand.

You can find more information on the Ductus website under the media and downloads tab or contact us directly at [email protected].