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P3 Insulation vs ALPActive

Often we get asked the question; “what is P3 Insulation, and how is it different from the ALP systems including the ALPActive Range and ALPround system?” 

The P3 Duct System is a construction method that involves the layering of pre-insulated ducts for the purposes of air distribution. It is a ‘sandwiched’ combination of components based on pre insulated aluminium panels and typically a secondary rigid material such as polyurethanePolyisocyanurate. 

These P3 Insulation manufacturing techniques help to make these products suitable for many industrial and commercial applications.  

The ALP product range that Ductus proudly utilise in all our installations differ from the P3 Duct range in several ways that are very important.  

The “active range” of our ALP Duct inventory is proven to have a success-rate of over 99% when it comes to the eradication of pathogens from the air flowing through the system. This takes place within a 24 hour period of common air-borne pathogens coming into contact with this active coating. 

Aside from this, the ALP Active Range is 100% in-line with what the Australian Standards deem to be required from a health and safety standpoint. The P3 Insulation system and associated products are not as highly certified to the required Australian Standards.  

Finally, our ALP range has the only true “round duct” pre-insulated duct system with circular sections that are specific to ALP and are a patented innovation. These system provide far superior performance against any of the competing products on the market. There are many intangible advantages to this system, such as energy saving and more degrees of freedom in terms of the available aesthetic.  

 Whilst the P3 Insulation duct system is one that has some worthy attributes, when it comes to the Australian market, and the stringent standards that our industry is required to uphold, the ALP Active Range has a higher certification, is proven to kill more harmful pathogens and gives greater flexibility as a design option.