Thermobreak Acoustiplus


Thermobreak® AcoustiPlus is a physically cross-linked polyolefin foam based duct liner featuring a partially open-cell structure. Manufactured in Australia, Thermobreak Acoustiplus is fibre-free, meets international fire and smoke standards and demonstrates excellent acoustic properties, even at low thicknesses. It has extremely low water absorption thus preventing bacterial growth and odours commonly associated with fibrous based duct lining. Thermobreak AcoustiPlus is supplied with reinforced aluminium foil and is available with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing.

Sizes Availability

10mm x 1200mm x 25m rolls

15mm x 1200mm x 20m rolls

15mm x 1200mm x 2.3m sheet

24mm x 1200mm x 2.3m sheets

54mm x 1200mm x 2.4m sheets

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