Regal Premium Duct System

Regal Duct is an Australian Initiative by Ductus.

A system tailored for the Australian and New Zealand construction and environmental condition.

We believe that not only are we the luckiest people on this planet to live in this extraordinary region, but we are also fortunate to have a unique landscape unlike any other. This does however pose some unique challenges that other regions around the globe do not offer, our harsh sun, surrounding seas and occasional seismic activity are just a few of the examples we need to be mindful off.

Regal Duct systems take these challenges head on, from the development of its pre-insulated duct board, manufactured specifically for the harsh environment, Regal Duct also offer an assortment of board verities for almost every ducting application. These includes solutions for Outdoor pre-insulated duct systems, using a heavy-duty protective jacketing, safeguarding against Australia’s’ notorious sun and its harsh UV rays, rain, hail and its array of strong beaked fowl. Secured together with a high-grade structural aluminium, resistant to many corrosive environments completes the system and gives you peace of mind that Regal Duct Systems will be there doing its job for as long as you need it. 

Our fully certified pre-insulated round duct: Regal Round- aesthetically pleasing and fully accredited, this system not only leaves the occupant feeling at ease within their surroundings but also gives a great feeling of space within the building itself. Our high level of thermal resistance ensures that we can reduce the overall thickness of the system by up to 50%.

Regal-premium antipathogen duct - a solution made for the rapid population growth and health concerns that we are bound to face. Regal PA utilises Silver Zeolite technology. Silver Zeolite has shown to be an excellent ingredient in the destruction of array of pathogens.

We are proud to be a fully certified Australian solution.

Please let us know how we can assist you on your next duct requirement.

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