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Ductus have selected fabricators spread across the country
who are highly qualified with ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Air Conditioning Ducting Supplies

The Ductus range of Air Conditioning Ducting Supplies ensures that engineers, builders, contractors, and end users have a full suite of Indoor, Outdoor, Round and Medical-Grade LWD solutions – including necessary accessories – for any requirement.

With 30+ years of development, ALP has over 17,000 products and systems to suit any installation. A proven tried system meeting European Standard and Australian requirements of the NCC, Ductus-ALP have had their their Air conditioning product accredited by a third-party engineering firm to Australian Standards.

Ductus has selectively and successfully collaborated with the best fabricators Australia has to offer in the field of Air conditioining products and all partners have had vast experience in the industry.

With a focus on quality, ALP’s outlined ISO 9001 Quality Procedures, our fabrication partners have been trained and accredited to meet our high standards.

Each has been awarded with Ductus-ALP Fabrication certification. All partners use the latest advancements in CNC technology to deliver a perfect finish in air conditioning products. (see our full list of accreddite parnrters here)

The durability requirements of any pre-insulated ducts are satisfied with ALP’s comprehensive range of facings. From the light-weight 60micron to the extra heavy duty 500micron facing, these products are suitable for many applications.

These include, but are not limited to; plant rooms, outdoors exposed, swimming pools, crack units and many harsh unpredictable environments.

For aesthetically pleasing installations, Ducts-ALP offer unique solutions such as a stainless steel facing for that extra shine, to a “first of its kind” patented round-duct solution.

Our systems carry with them all the advancements and advantages through years’ of technological collaborations and research with our suppliers; benefits that we pass onto our clients.

ALP actives’ ‘antimicrobial ducting system’ is a range of revolutionary air conditioning products, that reflects these srtos of advancements. The antimicrobial finish actively destroys over 600 known pathogens and is recognised for its patented “Silver Ion” technology. This has been investigated and documented in several European Medical journals with surprising results, making it one of the highest awarded antimicrobial duct systems globally. Ideal for any clean room application such as Operating theatres.