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Ductus have selected fabricators spread across the country
who are highly qualified with ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Douk-itus or Ductus – is a Latin word meaning “duct” (= a tube), used in medical names and descriptions. A perfect description of Ductus the company. Ductus supply patented new-age air movement products for a variety of industries including some of the most challenging ones like the medical industry.

By providing clean air through our patented technologies, we can help promote the destruction of pathogens through such sensitive environments. Ductus supplies many innovative solutions, such as the light-weight ALP round product  – a first of its kind – and suitable for industrial and commercial environments; (being an alternative to traditional sheet metal ducting, reducing installation and ongoing costs with ease and efficiency).

Ductus are supplying an “Evolution of Air” using innovative products that provide a clean air supply, low air leakage, excellent thermal permanence, and are easy to install and stand the test of time; creating a comfortable and healthy environment for occupiers.

Acting Director Jim Malek has had over 15 years of experience across the world working with ducting products and believes that the products Ductus supply are the world’s leading solutions; whilst ALP have had 40 years experience and have implemented the solutions in over 17,000 projects across the world.


Our Clean Room True Anti Microbial system is like no other, fully certificated to the strongest of standards, ALPactive has been tested and proven to destroy over 600 known pathogens within 24 hours of contact; ensuing longer lasting fresh air! Since the conception of air movement within buildings, man has struggled to develop systems that allow the air quality to remain fresh and without contaminants. As we continue to grow our cities and live in closer quarters, we find ourselves in an ongoing battle against the microbes that are displaced through the ducting system. Ducts particularly are the ultimate breeding ground for such pathogens! Poor maintenance and poor-upkeep compromise the whole HVAC system.

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ALP provide a range of facing for all most applications, ranging from our thinest product at just 60 microns - ideal for in ceiling space out of the way of heavy traffic - to the more robust 200 or 500 micron products, strong enough to withstand the harsh Australian outdoor enviroment all year round.

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Ductus are supplying an “Evolution of Air” using innovative aesthetically pleasing range of products, particularity our newest innovation ALPround duct. Unlike any other product in the world, a true round pre-insulated system with all the excellence that we have come accustomed to from ALP.

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Ductus presents the first Round LWD system in the world!

ALP the forefather of Light Weight Duct (LWD) Technology, has paved the way once again . . . In a first of its kind, Ductus along with ALP introduces the new patented Round LWD system to Australasia.

Mr. Librizzi, Managing Director of ALP says, “It has been an exciting journey to develop this ground-breaking technology. We had to start from a concept and develop everything from the machinery, testing and the complete system accessories. We needed to provide the industry with a turnkey product. A true pre-insulated round duct has never been done before!

We are excited to be launching this product into Australia with our partners Ductus!”