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Sydney Central Towers

May 2, 2022

Located in the heart of Sydney’s central business district is a building heralded as the modern benchmark in sustainable workplace design. Sydney Central at 477 Pitt Street is the culmination of ideas that re-imagine the workspaces of the future to focus on facilities that nurture well-being, create a positive flourishing work environment, and help usher in a new period of progress for the city. Sydney Central has many complex systems which contribute to the overall energy rating of the building and accordingly the decisions made to install those systems are meticulously planned. This helps ensure every element of the building is performing cohesively to deliver an optimal and sustainable environment worthy of its NABERS energy and indoor environment ratings of 5.5 and 5 stars respectively.

The 2018 remodel of the 32-storey building had a vision to create an Atlassian tech hub and further reduce energy consumption.

With ventilation systems using around 40% of a buildings total energy consumption and air quality being a significant factor in comfort and productivity, choosing the right air delivery system was essential in maintaining the tower’s exceptional ratings. Furthermore, with the ceilings removed to create an industrial theme whilst providing more head room, the 4,500 metres of ductwork would be exposed and appear to float in the space above.

Hugh Wilson of Integral Group consultancy was tasked with the mechanical engineering of the tower. A major consideration was the integrity of the ventilation system. Emphasis on suitability, design and performance requirements of the office tower was essential, “We explored pre-insulated light weight duct for the floating runs as an alternative to heavy sheet metal and found a complete light weight duct system that ticked all the boxes”.

ALP pre-insulated duct systems would provide a greater cross section without appearing bulky and compromise the floating effect of the exposed ductwork. Fewer hangers and support structures would be needed, and the ductwork would float much higher creating additional space allowing in more light for the occupants. Ductus was also able to provide a round duct, ALPround, that would complement the desired aesthetic appeal of the entire space.

“We decided to go with Ductus based on the performance data provided. It was clear that Ductus experience and knowledge within the industry would be a benefit to the outcome of the application.” said Hugh.

The Finish
“ALP was light and easy to transport into the building, required a thinner profile maximising headroom, had minimal leakage rates, came with a full accredited system and was aesthetically pleasing. The architect was very excited”. “As a designer it was an easy specification as it came from one source that had already been tested and certified, guaranteeing the performance and reliability we needed”.

Acoustic challenges were met with Sekisui Acousticplus lining supplied through Ductus and another example of a well thought out product that is easy to apply and will perform to expectation.

Further advantages of the ALP system rose in hindsight with the arrival of Covid and the threat of spreading pathogens. ALP’s internal components will not break down, absorb moisture, and requires minimal cleaning.

“Knowing we had a clean product enabled us to advise the occupants they were getting the best possible outcome with the system’s ability to remain clean and not contribute to Covid challenges”, said Hugh. “Integral Group is founded on the ideal of leading the world into more efficient designs”, “ALP gave us the opportunity to achieve some of these goals by reducing the building’s embodied energy and running costs through the systems overall efficiency”.

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