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Ductus: Leading the Way With ALP Active & Kingspan Ducting Solutions

September 20, 2023

Ductus, a premier supplier in Australia, specialises in providing high-end air conditioning ducting solutions for B2B, commercial, industrial, and medical sectors. Our advanced ducting systems, including ALP Active duct boards and pre-insulated ducts, revolutionise air distribution with superior cleanliness, energy efficiency, and safety features.

Kingspan's Contribution to Sustainability:

Kingspan's dedication to sustainability aligns perfectly with our values. Their insulation materials are known for their energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. Kingspan's products are manufactured without CFCs or formaldehyde, meeting stringent European and Australian Standards.

ALP Active Duct Boards and Pre-Insulated Ducts:

Our flagship products, ALP Active duct boards and pre-insulated ducts, boast a proprietary silver-based coating with exceptional anti-bacterial properties. Studies confirm that this coating eradicates 99% of pathogens within 24 hours of contact. This innovation ensures the air distributed through our ducts is exceptionally clean and suitable for environments where air quality is paramount, such as hospitals and research laboratories.

Benefits Over Traditional Ductwork—ALP and Kingspan Solutions:

ALP Active duct boards and pre-insulated ducts, in collaboration with Kingspan, surpass conventional metal ductwork in various aspects:

  • Reduced Weight:These duct systems, benefiting from both ALP and Kingspan innovations, are up to 85% lighter than traditional metal ducts. This weight reduction not only simplifies installation but also minimises the infrastructure load.
  • Enhanced Air Quality:Thanks to proprietary anti-bacterial coatings from ALP and advanced materials from Kingspan, the ducts provide improved air quality, benefiting individuals with respiratory conditions like asthma.
  • Energy Efficiency and Space Optimisation:The combined thermal properties of ALP and Kingspan materials enable closer installation to ceilings and walls. This space-saving design, coupled with energy efficiency, makes them an ideal choice for various applications.

Environmental Friendliness and Sustainability:

Our commitment to the environment is evident in our manufacturing process, which is devoid of CFCs or formaldehyde, aligning perfectly with our dedication to sustainability. Both ALP and Kingspan prioritise eco-friendly practices while adhering to stringent European and Australian Standards.

Performance and Innovation - ALP and Kingspan Excellence:

The innovation-driven approach of both ALP and Kingspan results in outstanding performance attributes for our duct systems:

  • Industry-Leading Air Leakage Rate:The combined expertise of ALP and Kingspan achieves an impressive 70% reduction in air leakage rate compared to the industry standard (1.5% vs. 5%). This ensures efficient air distribution and minimises energy waste.
  • Acoustic Comfort:ALP's contributions to noise reduction, combined with Kingspan's expertise, result in duct systems that operate below the minimum recommended decibel levels. This enhances overall comfort and reduces noise pollution.
  • Fire Safety Standards:Ductus, in partnership with ALP and Kingspan, ensures that our duct systems meet and exceed global fire safety standards. They are designed to retard fire spread and heat transfer, enhancing safety in various environments.
  • Corrosion and Moisture Resistance:Our duct systems, fortified by both ALP and Kingspan technologies, are impervious to corrosion, rust, and moisture leakage. This durability ensures longevity and reliability in diverse conditions.

Tailored Solutions for Commercial, Industrial, and Medical Sectors:

Ductus specialises in catering exclusively to the B2B, commercial, industrial, and medical sectors. Our products are designed to meet the specific demands of these industries, ensuring optimal performance and air quality.

Installation and Maintenance:

Our certified fabricators are extensively trained to assemble Kingspan products, ALP Active and ALP Round ducts to surpass European and Australian Standards. Maintenance is simplified due to the materials' inert nature and resistance to external temperature extremes.

In collaboration with ALP and Kingspan, Ductus stands at the forefront of air conditioning ducting solutions, providing industry-leading products for the B2B, commercial, industrial, and medical sectors. Our commitment to innovation, environmental responsibility, and superior performance ensures that our pre-insulated ducts and duct boards, enriched by Kingspan's expertise, set new standards in air distribution, cleanliness, and efficiency.

Discover the cutting-edge world of pre-insulated ducting by reaching out to us via the provided form. Ductus guarantees to fulfil your requirements with our world-class products powered by the innovation of both ALP and Kingspan.

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