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All our ALP Active duct boards and pre insulated ducts incorporate a proprietary silver-based coating imbedded into the facing giving the product anti-bacterial attributes not found in other duct materials. Studies have shown that this will kill 99% of pathogens within a 24-hour period of them coming into contact with this coating.

Our ALP Active range of duct boards and pre insulated ducts are industry-leading products that have significant benefits over conventional metal ductwork.
Technology and innovation have driven us to make continual improvements to the performance of our products and over the last twenty years, our pre insulated ducts have become the leading industry standard in the United States, United Arab Emirates, European and the Australian markets.

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This results in the air being ‘cleaned’ as it is distributed through one of our pre insulated ducts and is much better quality for humans to breathe. These anti-microbial features are of great benefit to those with respiratory conditions, such as asthma.

Our systems are up to 85% lighter than the conventional metal-based ductwork which significantly reduces the weight placed on the infrastructure or rooftop of a building. It also makes the installation process much easier and due to the thermal properties of the materials they can be installed closer to ceiling and walls which saves space without heating up.

Our Pre insulated ducts and duct boards are environmentally friendly both in the manner they are manufactured and, in the materials used in them. Manufacturing is completed without the use of CFC’s or formaldehyde (one destroys Ozone, the other is a carcinogenic). All our products are manufactured by fabricators that have undergone rigorous training and are certified to assemble any of our pre insulated ducts or duct boards to levels that exceed the European and Australian Standards for this type of product.

Industry-leading innovations in our manufacturing leads to the following additional benefits.
  • “Air Leakage” is 70% better than the recommended industry standard. A Ductus duct board or pre insulated duct has an air leakage rate of 1.5% compared to 5% as the standard.
  • The acoustic properties are below the recommended minimum for decibel levels
  • The product is fire retardant and meets all global standards for fire safety. The product will not spread fire, nor transfer any heat from external systems.
  • The products will not corrode, rust or exhibit any moisture leakage from temperature differences between the internal and external surfaces of the duct.

This makes our ALP Active range of pre insulated ducts and duct board the perfect choice for environments where air quality is paramount, such as hospitals, research laboratories, schools or even office spaces.

The materials used in production are inert and do not react to external temperature extremes, making it a much safer option against the threat of fire.

Our ALP Round range of pre insulated ducts. And duct boards are more aesthetic in their purpose. Whilst they do not possess the anti-bacterial properties of the ALP Active, they are still lightweight contain all the thermal and air leakage benefits.

These products can be installed in environments where, after being painted, they remain unobtrusive to the internal design and aesthetic of the space.
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