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Pre-Insulated Duct: Turning the Tide

June 26, 2019

Revolutionary change within a long standing, multi-billion dollar industry occurs infrequently at best. For such a change to occur the expected results would have to significantly overcome the initial expense; but more so our own perception and way of doing things. Pre-Insulated duct seems to be achieving just that.

For almost a century now, metal frame duct ventilation systems have been the only viable option for commercial HVAC systems. Consumers have needed to cover the cost of the product as well as the added expense of installing and maintaining tons of large metal sheets, layered with large volumes of fibrous materials for insulation.

Organising installers takes time and increases the potential for human error. The heavy and cumbersome nature of the material also increases risk to health and safety while the considerable storage space needed remains unproductive and a constant inconvenience throughout the entire installation period.

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