ALP offer a wide range of accessories to ensure quick and safe installation of the pre-insulated duct.  Accessories also enable the pre-insulated duct to maintain it's lightweight and rigid properties.


Corner for F profile 21 mm, in steel

Corner for F profile 30 mm, in steel

Belt for Flexible Duct Connector - roll 50 m

Steel Profile for Flexible Duct Connector - 5 m length

Steel corner for Flexible Duct Connctor

Stiffening rod diam 14 mm, in aluminium - 4 m length

Plate for Stiffening rod diam 120 mm, in nylon

Plate for Stiffening rod diam 170 mm, in steel

Cross-fixing device diam 14 mm, in nylon

Turning vane in aluminium - 2 m length

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